Provider Spotlight


Family Nurturing Center: Keeping Families Together in Southern Oregon

In the heart of the Rogue Valley lies a beacon of hope and transformation: The Family Nurturing Center (FNC). Recently, HJRA had the privilege of traveling to Southern Oregon to meet with some remarkable parent mentors at FNC who embody resilience and compassion, bringing lived experience to their work of having navigated many of the same challenges their clients are working through — whether that be addiction, criminal legal system involvement, or open cases with child welfare services.

FNC provides crucial support services, focused on keeping families together through a three-pronged approach of offering therapeutic classrooms for children, home visitation for parents, and parent education.  They also generate additional income through leasing out some of their buildings, ensuring sustainability and expanding their programs.

FNC’s Parent Mentor Program has seen significant growth thanks to Measure 110 funding. Crystal Walker, the Program Manager and a proud FNC graduate, oversees this vital program, which has doubled its capacity to support parents like Stephanie thanks to Measure 110. Under Measure 110 this program has from four mentors with 10 parents on each mentors’ caseload, to now eight mentors with an additional 10 cases each.