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We are the statewide advocacy organization fully focused on implementing Measure 110, with the needs of communities most harmed by the racist war on drugs front and center. We know that criminalizing substance use leads to more suffering and death, not less. Our friends and neighbors deserve safety, dignity, and health, whether they are actively using drugs or in recovery.

Measure 110 is the first step in repairing the ongoing multigenerational harms of the war on drugs and investing in the community care our children need to flourish. Those with the most at stake must lead the way. Together, we have the power to provide Oregonians with compassionate and community-centered paths to recovery — or the tools and resources they need to stay safe wherever they are.

Measure 110: The Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Act

In November 2020 Oregon made history by voting overwhelmingly in favor of Measure 110, the Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Act. The landmark law draws from global best practices — from decriminalization in Portugal and Switzerland to Eugene’s CAHOOTS model — to address our state’s unique challenges. Measure 110 removes unfairly harsh punishments for minor, nonviolent drug offenses and expands access to live-saving services in rural and frontier communities, as well as urban centers.

Rather than branding drug users criminals, the law treats substance use as a public health issue affecting all of us, from spouses and siblings to young children and teens, from pregnant women to grandparents. Measure 110 invests $302 million in just its first two years in overdose prevention, housing, peer support, harm reduction, and addiction recovery programs.

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