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Check out this new interactive map on our website, which shows Measure 110-funded addiction service providers across the state: If you or someone you know needs help, you can also call 503-575-3769.

The Health Justice Recovery Alliance (HJRA) is a statewide advocacy group made up of community organizations, addiction recovery providers, and other advocates working to improve Measure 110 implementation policies and practices.

Oregon is the first state in the country to remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of drugs in favor of a health-based and science-backed approach to substance use, via Ballot Measure 110, passed by Oregon voters in 2020.

In addition to decriminalizing possession, Measure 110 provides revenue from Oregon Cannabis sales to fund an unprecedented level of treatments and interventions for substance abuse. Measure 110’s services-first model is helping Oregon avoid future harms and costs of criminalizing addiction. 

Measure 110: The Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Act

2023 is the year that Measure 110 is getting on firm footing. Data through December 2022 has shown a dramatic increase in the number of people receiving addiction services funded by M110 that get to the root causes of addiction. Tens of millions of dollars are being diverted to services away from the expensive, harmful, and ineffective criminal system that creates a cycle of despair.

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Everyone in our community should have a safe and stable home and access to the services that they need. Measure 110-funded services are an essential part of the community approach to treatment and recovery access. Oregon’s unique public health approach gives us a tool that no other state in the country has: getting to the root cause of addiction and ending the revolving jail door that keeps people trapped in addiction and despair.

Measure 110 substance use treatment services have grown 44% in the first six months of full funding. These are dollars for recovery housing, detox and drop in centers, peer support, overdose prevention, and other essential services. New programs are opening regularly.

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“Costly, complicated, and set up to fail.”

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