Our Values

Centering Those Directly Impacted: We believe people most directly impacted by drug law enforcement and who bear the brunt of arrests and incarceration, primarily Black, Indigenous, Latino, and other communities of color, as well as people who use drugs or struggle with drug addiction  should be centered in decision-making.

Acknowledging the Role of Racism in Drug Policy: We believe in the rejection and dismantling of drug laws that were designed to target, oppress, control and marginalize people and communities of color, and that are infected with racism and bias. We work to heal and repair the  harms caused to individuals and communities by racialized drug laws and policies.

Building Collective Power: While communities of color have been the target of the War on Drugs, we also recognize that Racist systems of oppression negatively impact all people, across lines of race and identity. We acknowledge the legacy of our historic response to drugs and strive to build power and solidarity across race, class, gender identity, and geography (urban/suburban/rural) to advocate for more just drug policies.

Addressing the Full Needs of People Who Use Drugs: We believe in the innate humanity and dignity of people who use drugs. Their basic needs should be met regardless of whether they are able or willing to abstain from drug use. It is important to provide meaningful access to health care, harm reduction services, and effective, evidence-based, culturally specific, non-judgmental, and non-coercive treatment and recovery services. This would include housing, employment, and public benefits and other social services.