Readers respond: Measure 110 will save money and lives


As a mom, concerned citizen and someone who spent my 30-year career working in law enforcement, I support Measure 110. Our state ranks nearly last of all states in access to basic drug treatment. Measure 110 would save money and lives. According to a study by ECONorthwest, it costs nearly $30,000 to arrest, prosecute and jail someone for simple drug possession. It costs about $10,000 to provide drug treatment to people who need it. This measure would change our approach: Instead of arresting and jailing people for drugs, we’d use marijuana tax revenue to pay for more addiction treatment services. People suffering from addiction need help, not criminal punishments. Using the criminal justice system to address addiction is expensive. It costs taxpayers a significant amount of money with zero results. Providing treatment resources is not only fiscally more responsible, it’s the right thing to do. Oregon needs this badly. I will be voting yes on Measure 110 and urge you to join me.

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