Measure 110: Oregon needs adequate drug addiction treatment


As a longtime resident of Clackamas County, I was pleased to see medical professionals urging Oregonians to vote yes on Measure 110. I’ll be voting yes, too. Here are three reasons why:

1. Oregon needs adequate access to drug addiction treatment. Our state ranks nearly last in access to it, according to the federal government.

2. Punishing people for drug addiction ruins lives. Addiction is a health issue, and we shouldn’t give people lifelong criminal records that make it harder for them to get jobs, housing, professional licenses and more. We should be helping them address their addiction.

3. Black, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ and other marginalized communities are disproportionately harmed by our current approach to drugs. Measure 110 would reduce disparities in drug arrests by 95%.

Let’s win a more humane, equitable and effective approach to drug addiction in November by voting for Measure 110!

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