Statement from Health Justice Recovery Alliance on House Passage of HB 2513


Today the Hope and Recovery Bill, HB 2513, passed the Oregon House with an overwhelming bipartisan supermajority. On the floor of the House, lawmakers from both parties spoke in favor of the bill and urged passage of this essential legislation to improve the effectiveness, transparency, and accountability in the Oregon Health Authority’s administration of Measure 110, and to improve the timeliness of M110 grant allocation in the future. More than 60,000 Oregonians have already received vital treatment services, housing, and increased care through Measure 110; HB 2513 protects those services and ensures that even more Oregonians will be served in the future. We strongly urge the Senate to pass HB 2513 as a top priority. 

For the first time ever, the communities most harmed by drug war policies are leading the way toward healing, thanks to Measure 110. We would like to thank Rep. Nosse for his leadership on the workgroup behind HB 2513, and for the Legislature’s commitment to ensuring that Measure 110 continues funding these evidence-based, culturally and linguistically-specific services that save lives.