Measure 110 Outreach Worker: “Now, when people are ready…we can help them.”


The Portland Business Journal (PBJ) has been working on a series of stories highlighting how Measure 110 is unfolding across Oregon. PBJ most recently interviewed Portland-area outreach worker Sonja Cameron, who shared how the program is making a difference in her own recovery, and in her work as a recovery mentor supervisor at the Miracles Club. (Follow this link to read the full story.) Here are some of our favorite highlights from their conversation:


Sonja Cameron, Miracles Club Mentor Supervisor

Sonja Cameron, Mentor Supervisor at the Miracles Club, a community recovery center that offers addiction recovery services to the African American Community.

Thanks to a Measure 110 grant, Sonja was able to become a salaried employee at the Miracles Club in NE Portland. The Miracles Club is a community recovery center offering addiction peer services to the African American Community, a fellowship hall, a wellness program, events and meeting space for community recovery meetings. The Miracles Club was awarded a $3.2 million Measure 110 grant to help them sustain current programs, expand community outreach, and ultimately help more people on their path to recovery. Sonja’s position is fully funded through the Miracles Club grant, as are the positions of seven outreach employees working under her supervision.

Sonja shared with The Portland Business Journal that “just by working here at the club, I’ve been given a chance to repair my life. I love the investments Miracles Club is doing with me, as far as training and education, making me a more valuable employee. My self-sufficiency has allowed me to clean up the wreckage of the past. It’s impacted my credit score. I was able to get a car and help my daughter, which makes me feel good about myself. I’m strutting around like a peacock, thriving. It’s boosted my self-esteem. I’m also set to be married in June 2023.”

Sonja on Measure 110’s impact on Miracles Club clients

“With funding from Measure 110, we’re able to access resources, so when people are ready…we can help them. We have more mentors to help. The club has picked up, guest-wise, I’d say 100%. There’s always someone coming through the doors for meetings. Now people are in the community, and word is getting out. We’re helping more people, doing more outreach. People are changing their lives and coming in and staying. There are so many success stories, it’s heartwarming. We’re growing at a rapid rate. We need more mentors.”

Read Sonja’s full interview here…