Health Justice Recovery Alliance Statement on SB 1587-A


This is an insult to Oregon voters. SB 1587-A is the THIRD time during this five-week short session that lawmakers have quietly tried to remove funding from Measure 110 – a program that Oregonians voted into law by a 17-point margin. SB 1587-A would cut Measure 110 services by almost $30 million per biennium. This is the same amount of money that has enabled over 16,000 people to receive critical harm reduction and addiction recovery services in the first six months of the program. This bad bill is another example of why a short legislative session is not meant for major policy changes. SB 1587-A is a “gut and stuff” bill that was posted after our coalition was given firm assurances that there would be no cuts to Measure 110 funding this session. We are deeply disturbed by this breach of trust and lack of public process. This should not even be up for discussion right now. Take action today to tell lawmakers (again) NO CUTS TO 110 FUNDING and NO on SB 1587-A!