Measure 110 Funds Are Already Making a Difference


Measure 110 addiction recovery providers are making headlines for their work expanding care and saving lives throughout Oregon. Thanks to Measure 110, hope is coming to communities across the state. More on all the good Measure 110 is doing throughout Oregon:

Boulder Care uses Measure 110 grant to virtually serve rural Oregon

“…Boulder has already used its Measure 110 funding to hire two new peer mentors…Measure 110 allows Boulder to care for the uninsured or those who are covered by health plans that are not in network. It will also fund services for people who have recently been incarcerated and are not yet on Medicaid.”

Recovery Revolution: Measure 110 is starting to deliver for Lane County

“Voters know that rolling back Measure 110 will put us right back where we were in 2019, when people of means got the treatment they needed without criminal records, while poor people, Black people and homeless people caught with small amounts for private, personal use faced arrest and prosecution, lost their jobs, their kids and their right to be fully productive members of our community.”

New Drop-In Center for Substance Recovery opens in Eugene

“It’s a recovery center aimed at giving guidance and support to those in Lane County who have substance abuse or are
in another high-risk situation. The Center received more than $1-million dollars from the Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council. Staff are community members trained to help people quit substances and enter recovery.”

Outreach efforts will play a central role in expanded addiction treatment programs

“…One of BestCare’s biggest Measure 110 endeavors: A new Bend “engagement center,” where people with addiction can get assistance with whatever they need to stay safe, from basic needs to employment assistance, to rapid access to BestCare’s outpatient addiction treatment services right across the hall. Prior to the Measure 110 expansion, Hamilton offered similar services out of a van in Redmond.”

With millions in new cash, Central Oregon addiction services are set to expand in big ways

“… funded programs will pay for dozens of new drug and alcohol counselors, medication-assisted treatment programs in a jail and a grocery store, some emergency and longer-term housing resources, drop-in centers and more. The services all come at no cost to the people using them.”

Measure 110 funding beginning to be dispersed to Southern Oregon recovery centers

“We wrote a grant to the measure 110 committee to expand our services here at Recovery Café to be open more hours, to serve more people, and run more recovery circles…We also wrote the grant to launch and help our Latino community succeed by having ‘El Camino Seguro…a recovery circle conducted every week in Spanish. The new addition has already started to help people struggling with addiction in the community.”

Marion County to create mobile crisis teams separate from police

“The program would serve much of the city of Salem…and comes after city councilors have said a mobile crisis
program is badly needed…Most of the state money, $6.4 million, comes from the county’s allocation of Measure 110 funding.”

Measure 110 Outreach Worker: “Now, when people are ready…we can help them.”

“With funding from Measure 110, we’re able to access resources, so when people are ready to get clean, we can help them. People are changing their lives and coming in and staying. There are so many success stories, it’s heartwarming.”