Measure 110 Services: Recipient Spotlight

Stephanie, Graduate of the Parent Mentor Program at the Family Nurturing Center in Southern Oregon

“Thank you for sharing my story. My life truly wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Measure 110.” – Stephane, Measure 110 services recipient

During our visit to the Family Nurturing Center in Medford, we met former client, Stephane, who was able to participate in FNC’s programs specifically thanks to Measure 110 funding. Stephane’s husband died from COVID-19 in 2021, and it was following his sudden death that she fell into a period of addiction and deep despair. During this time she felt unsafe to parent her children, and voluntarily released them into her sister-in-law’s care while seeking our help for her addiction.

Prior to Measure 110, the only way FNC could engage with clients would be through justice system and child welfare referrals. This left many parents with nowhere to turn for help. But Measure 110 lowered the entry barriers program like FNC’s statewide, changing the system so that a person only need identify as someone who is struggling with addiction.

FNC’s Parent Mentor Program gave Stephane the personalized support she needed to make strides in her recovery and get her children back. Now Stephane is sober and thriving in recovery. Stephane even became a certified peer recovery mentor and now works at another addiction recovery center in Southern Oregon! Stephane recently moved into a three-bedroom house with a yard and a two car garage. She is excited to be sober and have her kids in her care again.

Stephane’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of not only FNC’s services, but Measure 110 and its ability to increase access to care. Thanks to Measure 110 funding, Stephane found the support she needed to overcome addiction and reunite with her children. When we fund treatment, we save lives and keep families and communities whole.